Welcome to the Club Cinegético Jaliscience A. C., host of the “Tiro al Vuelo” world championships in 1980, 1985, 1989, 1998, 2006.
We have the most complete shooting complex in México, including all sport shooting modalities in shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery.
Here you will find all you need to be the best in your sport shooting, preparing for your next hunting trip or simply enjoy with your family a great day !!!!!!


Our facilities include the following shotgun disciplines and games
• Helices (Also know as ZZ or Electrocibles)
• American Trap (ATA Trap)
• Double Trap (ATA Trap)
• American Skeet
• International Skeet
• Olympic Trap/Olympic Bunker/ Olympic Trench
• Olympic Trap Doubles/Olympic Bunker Doubles/Olympic Trench Doubles
• Five Stand
• Sporting Clays
Here you will enjoy shooting just for fun or to fine tune your shooting skills for hunting or for competing in the next world championship.

RIFLE RANGES (Metallic Silhouette)
We have the most complete range for the riflemen, including 25 meter ranges for .22 caliber rifles up to 500 meter range for the most skilled high power riflemen. Also, if you want to practice for your next deer hunting trip, we have a moving Metallic Silhouette at 385 meters.

You can practice your pistol shooting skills, including Olympic disciplines or just for having fun with your family and friends
We have the state most modern air shooting complex, currently our facilities are used for training athletes to compete in national and international events.
Our archery area is designed to practice at all distances possible and all disciplines, including shoots from tree stands. We have more than forty 3D animals spread around in our forest to simulate a hunting experience. 

For family and friends, only 15 minutes from your home, you can enjoy our swimming pool, our terrace and our restaurant – bar where you can enjoy games and watch the best football matches in our TV room.

Safety rules for shooters inside the club:
1. - ALL firearms and their consequences are responsibility of the shooter who carries the firearm.
2.- ALWAYS treat your gun as it were loaded
3. - NEVER accept or transport a gun without checking if it is loaded.
4. - ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shot.
5. - ALWAYS keep your gun in a safe direction. NEVER point your gun to any person or place you are not willing to shoot.
6. - NEVER use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting.
7. - ALL guns must be unloaded while not in use. ALL guns must be carried inside the gun club with the action open.
8. - It is prohibited to carry a concealed weapon or carry a gun in a belt holster inside the gun club.
9. - All guns must be used only in the designated area for the discipline the gun was intended for.
10. - ALWAYS know your target and what is beyond it.